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: Hi,
: We are expanding into our basement and will be putting in a new bathroom. We would like to construct the tub out of concrete. Can we install our own jet system ? What parts will we need? where can we get the parts?
: Any suggestions on sealing the interior of the tub?
: Thanks for answering my questions.
: Lee Heath

Concrete is normally porous and will collect water, but it has lots of mass and that will retain heat. The first thing you need is a design that will show where jets will be placed, then you'll need a form that will become the inside (hidden and non strippable).Remember to include an access panel to get at the electrical and pumps for repair. From there you can plan your jets to protrude through the form and be rigidly attached so they wont move and break when you pour in the concrete. You can go to your local plumbing supply house for the piping, insulation, pumps, electrical controls, filters, drains, supply and overflow piping. Plumb the rough in and put plastic sandwich bags over the threaded ends of the jets to protect them from concrete.Then place the reinforcing steel and supply and drains. When you place the concrete, place it stiff (low slump) so it will stay put where you place it, and float it with a hardened steel float like the curved edged ones used for swimming pools. The steel float will bring water in the concrete to the surface to help cure the concrete in a not so porus finish. If there's a Hub Concrete Construction near you, talk to them about additives to cure the concrete slowly so it won't crack, and a chemical composition sealer so your bath water won't seep into the pores, and it will be easier to clean. Hub is a specialty company and they are very adept at sealers and hardeners. If you can't find them, e-mail me and I'll put you in touch with them
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