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: : I'm plumbing a new house, and I want to use two 40-gallon water heaters. I intend to use three
: : recirc. pumps to keep hot water at the three most distant bathrooms. (They're each plumbed back
: : to the same place - sort of a manifold configuration.) Should I plumb the water heaters in parallel,
: : in order to get the best flow, or in series? Also, do you have any suggestions on plumbing the
: : three recirc. pumps into the same hot water heater? (I assume I can just build a manifold, and
: : I'll probably have to use anti-backflow devices at each pump and at the cold water inlet to the water
: : heaters...)

: : Thanks!

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If you plumb both the water heaters in series, one will constantly act as a preheater for the other, and you'll only need one recirculating line and one pump. If you plumb them in parrallel you can still use only one recirculating main with a branch to the other water heater, and one pump. You can get a temperature sensitive start relay for the pump to recirculate when the line gets cool. Insulate the supply and return lines well.

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