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: Hi!

: Because of problems I have removed my 20 year old bath tub, and the subfloor under it. Now I want to remove the pipes (1 1/2"). The overflow, waste, and the T piece are brass. The rest is PVC. I can't figure how they are connected. The connecting piece is about 2" tall, and looks just like the ones that connect two PVC pipes. The brass T piece is inserted from the top, and a very short (about 1" visible) PVC pipe is inserted from the bottom (which on the other end goes into the P trap). That connecting piece does not have the little thumbs to suggest it is threaded and I can unscrew it. It is pretty much smooth all around (except for some tiny protrusions that I think are from the manufacturing process). I tried with the wrenches I have but it does not move a bit. Is it cemented? glued? What should I do? Cut it? My project is stalled... 8-(

: Thanks a bunch!

: tjk
You aren't going to save the brass fittings, are you? Cut the pvc at a point where you can attach a coupling or tee or whatever fitting you are going to use. Discard the overflow, waste and tee that are brass. If all you are going to do is abandon that tub fixture, instead of a coupling, install a comby (which is a combination of a tee and wye) and then reconnect the vent to the roof. Slip a short nipple of pvc into the open end of the comby, then a slip thread adapter and screw in a clean out plug

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