Re: sewer smell-help-what's causing it?
Posted by dick on July 20, 19100 at 23:44:32:
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: We fully remodeled our house 3 years ago. All plumbing and fixtures were replaced. Now we just started
: getting an awful sewer gas smell this week and we are not sure why. Can you answer this one for me PLEASE?
: Both toilets, showers, tub, washer, dishwasher seems to be draining fine, but the smell is making me sick!

I'm assuming that you have checked outside and no smell is apparent.

first: for the last several weeks, have you or anybody been in the attic or on the roof? could you have bumped one of the vents loose? check your toilets, are they bolted securely to the floor? can you move it by pushing on the bowl? Have you done anything unusual in the house the last few weeks (I'm not trying to get personal here :-) i mean like moving furniture, having the furnace repaired, etc)

second: pour a quart or two of water in every drain in the house, don't forget the washing machine drain. this will insure that all traps are full. don't run any water. open all the windows and let the house air out for an hour or so, then close it up again. wander around looking for the smell. if the smell comes back before you use any fixture. then you have an opening into the sewer pipe. This can be a broken or disconnected vent pipe, a damaged wax seal on a toilet, or a broken sewer line. try to narrow down the area where the smell is conming from.

if the smell doesn't come back until after you flush a toilet or run the washer, then the water is sucking one of the traps dry. This doesnt necessarily have to be the trap on the appliance you are using. running the washing machine could suck the water out of the shower trap. The most common cause for this in a system that previously worked ok is a plugged vent. Run a snake down the vents from the roof. they can get clogged with leaves, insect nests, dead squirrels, flying alligators, etc.

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