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: I have a 1/2 horse power shallow well pump. Can I increase the water pressure by going to a 3/4 horse power pump or do I have to increase the RPM's, keeping the same size piping.

The 1/2 horse pump is capable of 50 psi at shallow well applications.Is low pressure really the problem, or is the drought conditions we are experiencing allowing pump cavitation? Invest in a pressure gauge and attach it to an outside faucet. Check the static pressure with the pressure against the gauge, and no other valve open in the house. Is there 20 psi? 30? Look at the pressure tank and regulator at the well head and/or bathroom. Is there 30 or more psi there? Is that WATER pressure or air/nitrogen pressure? Where do you REALLY need the increased pressure? In the shower? Look to see if you have a flow restriction limiter in the shower head. No? Look to see if there is a pressure restriction valve in the supply line from the pump to the water heater. Open that restrictor a quarter turn at a time, and then look at your gauge again. Better? No change? Open a valve till the pump starts again, then quickly close the valve and check your pressure gauge with the pump running. Got 30 psi? Got 50? Look for a silt filter or screen in the supply line that has sand or debris in there. A 1/2 horse DaYton (Teel) pump makes 30-50 cut in cut out pressure when well head is 25 feet of lift on a single supply system. A 1/2 horse pumps 7 gallons per minute at 20 feet, at 30 psi, a 3/4 horse pumps 10 gallons per minute at 30 psi. Both pumps are single phase 60 hertz at 3450 rpm.

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