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: I recently discovered that all of the jets on my bathtub leak. I don't know the brand of the fixture, but it
: was a new-home installation about 4 years ago. Are there standard tools available to disassemble the
: jets, so that gaskets can be replaced from inside the tub? My only reasonable hope appears to be
: repairing the leaks 'in-place' - or have the entire tub uninstalled from its drop-in location. Any advice?

Your first advice is to determine the name of the manufacturer. You can look at the area where the access panel lets you at the recirculating pump.Look at the new home Warrantee paperwork you received with the sale. Next you can contact the realtor that sold it if it's only four years, and ask for the name of the new home inspector for the name brand. The builder of the new home might be interested in helping you with the leak problem, if its only four years. The homeowners insurance provider will certainly be interested in the leaks if they might affect the structural integrity of the home, and will help you find the name of the manufacturer. When you have the manufacturer and model number go to their web page and seek help from them first, before attempting your own repair of the leaks. Then if you can't get help that way, contact three LICENSED plumbers for written estimates. If you remove one of the heads to the jet, and crack the threaded caulked watertight fitting, you'll void any implied warrantee on the tub, but will also jeopardize the homeowners wattantee. Depending upon that all important manufacturers Brand name and model number you might have easily repaired jets, or you might have a headache. It pays to do a little more research.

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