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: i live in a area that gets to -50F. i want to install freeze proof piping, which type should i use and will it be ok for hot water?

Are you using a LICENSED plumber to install this 50 below piping, or are you doing it yourself? Is this to be installed in an interior protected and insulated plumbing wall or an outside exposed to the elements wall. Is the building going to be used once in a while, or heated to 60 degrees full time? Hot water in any pipe is capable of freezing faster than cold water, and requires insulation rated for the temperature, even at the fittings and valves. In the 50 degree below zero range, insulation utilizes staggered joints tightly taped, valve boot protection with removable valve bonnets sewn on with stainless steel wire, and often electric thermostat protected wire wrapping where the plumbing leaves the ground frost level and enters the heated wall areas. Water lines not used very often utilize self draining valves set in gravel basins, below the frost level. Copper is good, galvanized swells and retracts at the screwed fittings, but holds up well for years when professionally installed, plastic softenes at areas where it is close to heat tape, Stainless is expensive

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