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: Thanks to all who answered my call for help in locating pipes in a slab floor. Before I start digging ,I found this "thing" called a Drainosaur. This device attaches to the drain on the laundry tub and pumps the water to another location for drainage. In my situation I'd be pumping the water up into the attic and back over to the original laundry room tub and drain line. The distance between the rooms is about 15 feet and the height of the attic is about 10 feet. The pump is rated for 21 feet of lift. Does anyone have any opinions on using this method?? Do you think it would be approved by a city building dept? Should the drain line be attached to the existing line or could it just empty into the existing laundry tub?

: Thanks again

: Fred
The DRAINOSAUR won't be permitted by the Department of Building and Safety any time soon, since it is not certified approved by ASTM for Drain Waste and Vent applications. The drain line can dump into the existing laundry tub, but the pressure volume of the pumped water will fill the tub close to half full, and the vent for the laundry tub is outside air pressure. You are taxing the drain system for the convenience of not doing the job right. You can perform the same exercise by opening the drywall at the old laundry tub at a lower elevation, installing a sanitary tee, and extending 2 inch plastic the fifteen feet to the new location, and then constructing a "chase" around the pipe

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