can't removing brass T from pvc P of tub
Posted by T.J. Kolev on July 20, 19100 at 15:32:47:

Because of problems I have removed my 20 year old bath tub, and the subfloor under it. Now I want to remove the pipes (1 1/2"). The overflow, waste, and the T piece are brass. The rest is PVC. I can't figure how they are connected. The connecting piece is about 2" tall, and looks just like the ones that connect two PVC pipes. The brass T piece is inserted from the top, and a very short (about 1" visible) PVC pipe is inserted from the bottom (which on the other end goes into the P trap). That connecting piece does not have the little thumbs to suggest it is threaded and I can unscrew it. It is pretty much smooth all around (except for some tiny protrusions that I think are from the manufacturing process). I tried with the wrenches I have but it does not move a bit. Is it cemented? glued? What should I do? Cut it? My project is stalled... 8-(

Thanks a bunch!


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