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Posted by More on July 20, 19100 at 14:58:43:
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: I am considering changing my Gas furnace any ideas what the cost is eg: dunkirk quantum leap plus installation I use basboard rads any other info would be useful

: Thankyou

: A.Gregg

You don't say if you are considering changing from gas furnace to electric baseboards heaters, or if you are replacing the gas furnace and putting another gas furnace. If you change out one furnace with a rebuilt reused furnace and do the labor yourself, costs might be $200.00 If the existing baseboard radiators are in good condition and the boiler is the only item that needs replacement and it uses screwed galvanized 2 inch piping and thats all good and you buy the new boiler and hire the handyman down the street to plumb it in you look at about $400 If you remove all the boiler and piping and baseboard radiators and fill the holes you look at about $900. Is this copper tubing? Sell that to a recycler for $200.00 saves you money. Put in all new electric baseboard liquid filled heaters is maybe $ 260 per room depending on square footage and electrical outlet and amperage capability

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