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Posted by More on July 20, 19100 at 14:37:40:
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: Please help...this is driving me NUTS!!
: For the past few months at 4am (when our water heater turns on) the outside overflow pipe for the water tank in our loft leaks a small but steady stream into the garden. This is only stopped by either flushing the toilet or turning the water heater off. I am baffled my neighbours are starting to complain about the noise of running water in the early hours and I fear that I am in danger of flooding the whole of Scotland soon! Could there be something wrong with the ballcock in the tank?

Look into the toilet tank and see the water level mark indicated either etched or in printing or in ink, there. Is your water level higher? Lower the water level in the tank by looking at the black fill float. Fluidmaster uses a small silver wire that is connected to the fill stop valve that has a springy clip and a slip arrangement to allow you to adjust the float ball deeper into the water. The next time you flush, that ball will be riding on top of the water and will shut off the water before it gets to the indicated level.

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