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Posted by More on July 20, 19100 at 14:30:13:
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: My pump failed and got stuck in the casing when I tried to remove it. What is the recommended method for removal? The well is about 350 feet deep; the water is a bit hard with some iron; no sulphur. The casing is 6" cast iron. Should I jerk it up hard with a backhoe? Thanks for the advice.

The pump has a torque arrestor in the well casing. It is a rubber friction creation device that makes the torque twist from the motor startup dampened against the well casing. It slips into the well casing when it is new, but is a bear to pull if the casing is rusted and flaking cast iron down onto the torque arrestor outside body. A backhoe can provide lift, or you can use a cherry picker that is used to lift engines, but a straight up pull like a pettibone or forkfift will give you better advantage. You'll ruin the torque arrestor, but what the hey, the pump doesn't run, so it has to come out right? be real careful of the product line and the power line. Turn off the 240 volt power, cause you'll drag the wire onto the casing and it'll be a shocking experience, right into the backhoe and the guy leaning on the hoe standing on the ground.

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