Re: How does Kohler Portrait Flush?
Posted by Dean Smith on July 20, 19100 at 14:17:42:
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: The Kohler Portrait looks the best for our bathroom, but how well does it flush? Can anyone who has one give me their opinion? Is there any other toilet with a similar style (old fashioned) that flushes well? Totos are all "modern" designs, Western's one model is very plain, etc.
Toto's Provincial model is exactly the retro look you both seem to be looking for. I was looking at Kohler's Memoirs & the american Std. "retro" model also. I called a Canadian company with hopes of getting a NON 1.6 gallon model, but he told me about TOTO & I searched around & bought the Provincial (elongated bowl, about $240).

Now, this doesn't have Toto's best flushing system (the G-Max models, none of which are retro), but I asked Terry if it was still better than Kohler or AmStd, and he agreed it was much better, though not quite as good as the G-Max Totos. One other option may be to have a Sloan Flushmate pressurer assist system installed in a Kohler of AmStd model, but I don't know if that's feasable, and it would add about $150 to your cost.

Check out Terry Love's Toilet ratings on this site, then visit Toto at & you can see the Provincial model. I haven't installed mine yet, but it looks great!

Dean Smith

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