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: We fully remodeled our house 3 years ago. All plumbing and fixtures were replaced. Now we just started
: getting an awful sewer gas smell this week and we are not sure why. Can you answer this one for me PLEASE?
: Both toilets, showers, tub, washer, dishwasher seems to be draining fine, but the smell is making me sick!

The sewer gas odor is hydrogen sulfide that is normally always in the sewer mainline, but your home is protected from its intrusion by water traps at each fixture, in what is known as a "P" trap in the sinks and lavatories. When something causes the traps to lose their water, you get the odor. That could be pressure from a pressurized flush toilet creating a vacuum in a smaller diameter vent line, or air forced into the drain blowing the water out (such as a hurricane or cyclone), or wind driving across rarely used fixtures allowing them to dry out. Have you experienced a differing air humidity change or pressure change? Try running about a gallon of water into each drain to ensure the traps are full, and not leaking. Are you connected to City Sewer service or are you connected to private septic disposal system? If moist cool air collects sewer gasses which vent normally from the roof vent, they can weigh the hydrogen sulfide particles down, allowing them to seep in from summertime opened windows. If you are connectedto a septic system, look for evidence of moisture, soil softness, black greasy deposits, and unusual vegitation growth on the ground. Those indications would indicate a disposal field failure and those odors are normally below ground , but now rise outside of the plumbing system.

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