Re: Water Pump...just like Plumbing for the Complete Idiot!
Posted by hj on July 20, 19100 at 09:21:10:
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You violated the one rule I tell all my customers. "Whatever you are doing, stop about 2 minutes before you reach your level of incompetence. Otherwise you are going to make a small problem very complicated."

: Years ago my car started making funny noises from the front. My friend said, "It's your water pump, you can fix it", "It involves water and it's just like Plumbing". So I bought a book, removed the water pump, and put in a new one. One problem was a bolt wouldn't tighten in all the way. I called my buddy who said, "Make it go", so I tried and snapped it, flush with the block! I called my friend and said hey you better come over here. He sizes up the situation and says well you gotta drill out that bolt, so we did, only we drilled too far and oil started pouring out the hole that we had just drilled. Friend says, " It's oil so now you need a mechanic, were not plumbing anymore". We used jb weld, tapped the hole and put the pump back on. Hours later while half asleep, I realized that the reason the bolt wouldn't tighten was because I forgot to put it through a bracket first then into pump. Put everything back together but car wouldn't start, had it towed. Mechanic said it needed a major tune up. I picked it up and lo and behold the noise was still there! Mechanic said, "It's your fan motors, they are shot, $150 a piece plus labor. The moral of the story is you don't need a plumber just because the part has the word water in it!

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