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: Dear Sirs:

: 1)My washing machine just started to have a problem, when its filling the tub, the water does not stop at the water level it suppose to stop at. The water continues until it over flows to the top and into the floor. What is happening?

: 2) When taking showers and running the water in the facets/or someone else takes a shower in the house, the water temperature changes in the shower. Sometimes it gets too cold or too hot that you have to step back til the temperature returns to normal . Help!

1: goto

2: This is normal to some extent. Few houses have large enough pipes to completely eliminate this effect. This is the primary reason faucet companies developed pressure balanced shower valves.
If the pipes are undersize or clogged with rust and scale, the effect will be much more pronounced. The first and cheapest step is to install a good pressure balanced shower valve in at least one of the showers. This is money well spent even if it doesn't completely cure the problem. If this takes care of the problem to your satisfaction, put another one in the other shower.
If you take a shower with this new valve and somebody opens a cold faucet, and your shower slows to a trickle, then you need to look at repiping.

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