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Posted by Terry Love on July 19, 19100 at 00:21:00:
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: Thanks for reading this, I am in the process of buying a house and the closing is in a few weeks, I had the home inspected yesterday and the guy said the house was in great shape but it was plumed with polybutelene pipe. I don't really know about this stuff but he said there is a class action suit with this stuff and it would have to be replaced within ten years of the house being built. It was built in 1994, but the guy said "you don't want to deal with that" and should keep looking for another house...well he actuly said there is a bad kind and a good kind of poly-b and he would find out if this was the bad stuff...I do have a contract to buy this house contigent on a "good" inspection.. so i need advice, should i move on or should i have them replace the pipe? as far as i know they don't leak.....YET. I would think you would have to have a leak to have them replaced for free because of the suit. the house is hooked up to a well if that makes a difference.... thanks in advance for your help..

Check the link below for information. You should find something there. Terry

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