Re: Kohler Toilet, Not So Good
Posted by Terry Love on September 14, 1998 at 12:35:24:
In response to Re: Kohler Toilet, Not So Good

The Kohler K3423 should flush fine. If you are having problems, it could be the trapway in your toilet. Toilets that perform better, would be the Toto, Gerber and Western in the gravity styles. However, the K3423 should work fairly well unless there is something about the trapway causing problems.
Problems could include:
objects, like makeup pens, bottles, toys, which can lodge in the lower area of the toilet, Sometimes requiring removal and replacement to remove from the underside.

An oblong trapway from the factory. Not all trapways dry perfectly round. Rumor has it that less than perfect toilets are sold to non plumbing contractors.

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