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Posted by Terry Love on July 18, 19100 at 23:58:41:
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: Dear Sirs:

: 1)My washing machine just started to have a problem, when its filling the tub, the water does not stop at the water level it suppose to stop at. The water continues until it over flows to the top and into the floor. What is happening?

This sounds like the valve in the washer is stuck in the open position. This is not a plumbing problem, but rather a problem with the washer itself. Terry

: 2) When taking showers and running the water in the facets/or someone else takes a shower in the house, the water temperature changes in the shower. Sometimes it gets too cold or too hot that you have to step back til the temperature returns to normal . Help!

A properly plumbing water supply system would allow more than one person to use the plumbing at once. You may want to check into renewing the pipe system to increase pipe volumn. If the existing pipes are old galvanized, they may be contributing to the washer problem above. Terry

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