overflow drain replacement
Posted by Alan on July 18, 19100 at 01:48:34:
I am a college student. So, I don't have much experience with plumbing... but I was replacing parts of an overflow drain in my shower: the plate and the tripwaste assembly. I removed the old assembly and inserted the new one, but the new assembly doesn't seem to be blocking the drain (in either the up or the down position, according to the position of the switch on the plate). Is it correct that the brass cylinder (I guess it's called a bucket) should be placed so that when the plate switch is up, the bucket hits the very bottom of the pipe? That is how I had it oriented. I just can't imagine why the stopper isn't blocking the drain. Very frustrating. What could I be forgetting? I have a feeling that there must be something obvious that I'm overlooking. I would appreciate any help.



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