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: The wax ring on our toilet was leading and as a result the floor flange has rusted. I wanted to replace the ring and the flange, but I find that the flange is connected to the piping in the floor. How can I replace the flange? Can I just put another over it?
: Also, the subfloor is wet around the flange. It seems sturdy enough, but how do I know for sure?
: Thanks

Look at the piping that the flange is connected to. Is it Black Plastic ABS pipe? If so is the flange actually glued to that pipe securely? If so, then you can't get that flange off. You'll have to cut the plastic waste pipe below the floor far enough away to add a plastic coupling, a short section of pipe just long enough to allow a new flange to sit into the sub floor, so that you can fasten it securely to the sub floor, then add the new wax ring, and set the toilet. No you can't just put another flange over the old one, because the toilet would then "rock" around it rather than sit squarely on the floor.

If you are talented with a sawzall and grinder, it is possible that you could cut off the old flange and grind away the plastic smooth enough that you wouldn't need to actually cut the pipe below the floor.
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