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Posted by dick on July 17, 19100 at 12:52:57:
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: I put in a new sink and vanity, the problem is the tail piece coming down out of the sink is metal and I want to install plastic pcv plumbing down to the stub out 11/2 in the floor. I bought 1 1/4 inch kit to hook up to drain but I still get leaks coming out of tail piece. The 1 1/4 inch screws on tight to tail piece but I still get leaks there, plus get leaks at the other two nut joints even though I cinch them up hand tight.
: Want to know how I can hook up this pcv to metal tail piece down to floor stub out without and leaks.
: Please help!!!!! Am very desperate!
The 1 1/4 tailpiece is the same od as pvc so pvc connector should fit and seal. do you have seals in the connectors? a pvc slip connection has 3 pieces,
1.a pipe or trap or other pvc fitting with a male thread on the end, and an id that will slip loosely over the 1 1/4 tailpiece
2. a nut with a female thread, and an id that again slips loosely over the 1 1/4 tailpiece.
3. A plastic seal ring made out of softer plastic. has an id that just barely slips over the 1 1/4 tailpiece. it is tapered so that the nut forces it down into the mating piece and squeezing it into the 1 1/4 tailpiece.

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