Can my water heater stand on 2x4's safely?
Posted by Steve Markus on July 16, 19100 at 23:18:11:
I'll try to make a long story short here. My electric water heater
is located in the garage on a very sturdy stand that butts to an
exterior wall. My old dad and I took it down today to install an
earthquake safety brace (yes, this is L.A.) and an overflow drain
pan that we plumbed to the outside of the house, to allow for
any leak problems in the future. Due to two bad backs we had a
major problem lifting the 50 gallon heater into the drain pan
with 4" sides. We ended up using a tilt and block up routine to
get it in, but ended up with a 2x4 in the pan that we could not
get out. My solution was to cut several 2x4's to slide under the
tilted cylinder and slide everything into place. My question here
is regarding the weight distribution of the tank. Is the bottom
of a water heater tank strong enough to stand on a few 2x4's
without harm? It is not going anywhere, as it is very securely
strapped to braces that are bolted to the wall with 4" lag
screws, so movement should not be a problem. I guess what I am
asking here is do I have to worry that weight of the water in the
tank "pushing out" between the 2x4 supports? Thanks for any
opinions and information that you care to share!

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