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Posted by Richard Garcia on July 15, 19100 at 23:55:30:
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: What is causing the water heater release tube to continually empty water. Have reset button. & when turned intake valve on the water shortly began to empty from tank again. Electricity was nvr turned on so that it could not have been overheating. Am novice & need help. thanks
Sounds like you are speaking of the temperature relief valve. The 2 things that trigger the relief valve are if the temperature reaches 210 degrees farenheit it will reiieve pressure. Since you say it is still being triggered even though the water heater is not on. The only thing that can trigger the valve is now is to much pressure coming into the house. This can happen when the pressure regulator in front of your house fails and allows to much pressure into the house. Have the water pressure tested on one of your regulated hose bibs It should not read more than 75 lbs of pressure. In order to fix this problem call a plumber to have your regulator changed out. Good Luck !

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