Re: low water pressure to outside faucet
Posted by Tom on July 14, 19100 at 17:47:35:
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: The water pressure in my house is fine everywhere except the outside faucet on the front of my house. The pressure at the outside faucet on the back is fine. Any sugestions on what could be the problem?
I'm no expert, but two things come to mind. Assuming that you don't have pipe size problems or loss of pipe volume problems, my house has both outside faucets connected from the same feed line.
There's one shutoff valve before the first sillcock and a second shut-off between the first and the second sillcock. In my unfinished basement, the second valve was hidden behind the ceiling insulation. I had to make sure both were fully open.
Another thing comes to mind, I once changed the faucet washer to the wrong one, originally a flat washer to a beveled washer. The thicker beveled washer didn't allow the faucet to open fully. Change to a flat washer, my problem solved.
Good Luck!

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