Sewer gas in my new home
Posted by Steve on September 12, 1998 at 14:00:58:
We have been in our new home for 7 weeks. We are on well and septic. About one month into our reseidency we noticed a horrific sewer smell in the house. After the builder had his plumber come out three times, it was realized that a 10 foot piece of pipe was missing connecting to a vent. After many apologies from the plumber, the correction was made. This past week we have experinced three cold mrnings. Each morning that I have gone out the yard smells like a sewer and one of the rooms in our upstairs has a foul odor. Nothing like the previous smell. But definetly noticeable. I had our plumber come out and he rechecked the "new" venting and everything was fine. He suspects that the only possible way the room could be smelling is due to a crack in the vent pipe behind the wall. With the advent on cold air keeping the gases from venting quickly, he thinks that the gases is being forced out of the cracked pipe into my home. Does this sound right? Are there any test to determine if there is a cracked line. I don't want to aimlessly knock down walls to find a cracked pipe if it can be tested. Additionally, what could be causing the yard to smell? Cold air? Any info is appreciated. Regards, Steve in Virginia

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