Re: Insinkerator/garbage disposal
Posted by Marty on July 13, 19100 at 22:32:55:
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You didn't specify what brand it is so lets assume it's an Insinkerator. This brand is probably the most popular on the market.First disconnect from electrical source.Also disconnect any plumbing connections and dishwasher discharge hose connections. This garborator is held to the underside of the sink with a chrome locking ring. While holding the garborator steady, have a second person grip the locking ring and twist it clockwise. This could be a real problem if the garborator has been there for a long time. The locking ring does have 3 locations on it with holes. Put a screwdriver in one of the holes and using the screwdriver as leverage, turn the locking ring clockwise. If this doesn't loosen the ring from the garborator, the last resort would be to use a hammer and tap the ring in the clockwise direction.Hope this helps. Marty