When an Ejector Pump Becomes a Sump Pump!
Posted by Dean Smith on July 13, 19100 at 14:14:05:
I'm just full of questions today! Our basement ejector system, which was installed 5 years ago in a 30 year old house (right in the middle of the floorplan), has been acting as a sump pump, as it cycles quite often without any water coming in from the in-house sources (washer, shower, toilet). We live in a pretty wet area, and I do have a fully functioning sump pump.

Obviously, a leak has developed letting groundwater into the ejection pit. My question is, is this a big problem, besides causing extra wear on the pump? In case of a power outage, I'm guessing the groundwater WONT overflow the ejector pit, as the sump will then take the extra pressure & flow (we have an AquaNot backup). Is this a common problem? Should/can I try to fix the leak when I eventually need to replace the pump?

Dean Smith

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