Pressure Balance Tub Valves
Posted by Dean Smith on July 13, 19100 at 13:26:47:
I'm replacing the tub/shower plumbing too, and was a little worried about the new pressure balance valves as the salesman said that they reduce water pressure significantly. They hedged on whether or not they were REQUIRED (nationally and/or locally) for their anti-scald properties, but all they sell is PBVs or the MUCH more expensive thermostatic valves. Are they right about the pressure not being what I'm used to with the old, regular valves? I remove the restrictors in my showerheads (Speakman 6 jet), anyway, as conservation really isn't THAT important as we live next to Lake Michigan!

I have already bought the Grohsafe valve on their advice (and we like the fixtures/trim) and am about to install it, but I was wondering if you (Terry and other professionals) feel this is a better-quality valve and/or if there are any good AFFORDABLE thermostatic valves out there ($150-250 for valve, trim & tub spout) that I have missed. I have a feeling others may be in the same boat!

Thank you!

Dean Smith

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