Re: "Tee" or 90 Degree "Wye"? [quick reply, PLEASE!]
Posted by Terry Love on July 13, 19100 at 12:28:41:
In response to Re: "Tee" or 90 Degree "Wye"? [quick reply, PLEASE!]

: I'm about to sweat on a new drain pipe fitting for my new tub drain. I had purchaced a 1 1/2" copper Tee, but then noticed that the old fitting was a bronze fitting that, while still functioning as a 90 degree Tee, actually has a downward curve to it like a Wye joint.

: Does the curve really matter, or is the Tee I have fine? Copper vs. brass in this fitting isn't an issue, is it?

Dean Smith,
Waste fittings do have curves in them, which you will need if you ever snake the drain. The fitting you have is for water supply. They make both cast brass and copper waste fittings for that purpose with the proper curves. On the vertical, a sanitary tee, on the horizontal, a combination tee-wye. Terry

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