Re: PLEASE, someone answer my flapper question....
Posted by Mad Plumber on July 13, 19100 at 00:29:33:
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: The flapper in my toilet stays open too long...what do I do? It is new. No one answered my previous post and I am heartbroken for being so blatantly ignored!!!

I have the opposite problem from what I have read on this forum. The toilet flapper on my commode stays open too long. Any advise on how to get it too close correctly?

J Walker,
I read the first post, but I thought you were just bragging. Everyone else has quick closing flappers and yours can "outlast" them all!
When you put on the super duper long lasting flapper, did it look like the old one? Is there maybe a big hole for air on the bottom that floats it up a long time? They make a solid little flapper that drops very quickly, and one with a little float on the chain that let's you adjust the dang thing to give more (more) or less (less) float time. Parachutist use these things to pull their chutes with I think. If they don't pull their chain in time, they don't float long enough before they hit the ground. You also might check to see if the chain is catching on something, or the trip lever is sticking. Or are you just bragging. (If you are wondering what brand "they" is, it's whatever brand yours is.)
Mad Plumber

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