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Posted by Terry Love on July 13, 19100 at 00:07:47:
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: My old toilets are set it very tightly. But when I replaced one I couldn't seem to tighten it enough. It rocks. The floor is linoleum, and I can see how the original toilet settled into the floor. Will the new one eventually settle in? Could the wax actually be lifting it up a little? Are there any tricks to setting the toilet in so it can't move? I'm afraid I'll crack the thing and regret not calling a professional in the first place. Phil

I would pull the toilet and set it down without the wax and see if it still rocks. Sometimes the horn on a wax ring will prevent the toilet from dropping down to the floor. If it does set flush to the floor, then you will have an idea of what wax rings to use. Sometimes shimming is needed. Pennies work for this, and then caulk with polyseamseal from bolt to bolt, around the front. Terry

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