Kohler Toilet, Not So Good
Posted by Jack on September 11, 1998 at 07:20:30:
After reading a couple reports, it seemed the Kohler model 3423 Wellworth would be a decent toilet (assuming there is such a thing as a decent low-water- consumption toilet). I installed the Kohler and what a disappointment; the only way to get a half-way decent flush is to hold the flush lever down to allow as much water as possible to exit the tank. I spoke to Kohler and they advised me to shorten the flapper chain until there was only one link's worth of slack--still no good.
It appears the Kohler flapper has minimal buoyancy and is designed to close early...perhaps this is part of the "water-saving" design. I asked the Kohler rep if the toilet would accept a universal flapper as a replacemet for the original but, of course, I was advised to use only Kohler parts.
My question here is the same as I asked the Kohler rep: Will a universal-type flapper seat properly in the Kohler Wellworth? Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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