Re: Reduction of WET Waste Drain????
Posted by hj on July 11, 19100 at 01:26:28:
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It depends on your code. Some require that one vent be the size of the main drain, and others just require that the total area of all vents be equal to the area of the main sewer. In either case it would not make a difference in your plumbing's performance.

: I'm confused...I ran 4" pvc from floor in basement straight up to floor level on a two story home (thus 4" X 15 feet up) ...attached a 4 to 3" reducer (to avoid shimming out the wall, then a 3" sanitary tee (for the toilet) then 3" from there up and out the roof...On the other end of the house there is a short 4" cast iron from the floor which receives a 3" line from the 1/2 bath above and said line (3") goes up and out the roof. I was told that one of these DWV lines had to be 4" all the way. Did I reduce the wet waste drain?,,or just the vent above it??? Is this ok?

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