***RUSH HELP*** How do I Install a shower (fiberglass) base drain
Posted by Tor on July 10, 19100 at 21:33:08:
I bought a "Oatley" Brass no-calk shower base drain and am confused. 1). where does the black rubber seal go? on top or under the pan? 2). what is the interior threaded ring for ("caulking nut") and how do I use it and what is it for. 3). does "no caulk" really mean NO plumber's putty or silicone. 3). do I use a "basin wrench" to tighten the drain and what is tight enough vs. too tight? 4). the inner seal is ribbed (I'm installing it onto a 2" ABS waste line) is it just a friction fit or is it a compression fit - do I just "push" the waste line in as far as it will go?

Thank you for your help and anticipated quick response.


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