Groaning toilet
Posted by E. Reichardt on September 10, 1998 at 13:57:37:
I just had my toilet fixed by a professional plumber who replaced the refill valve (?), that is the main guts, not the shut-off valve which stops the water from flowing out. Everything works fine, technically, except now this toilet occasionally gives off a loud groan which can only be stopped by turning on water in the bathroom sink. This noise thing happens at random. We did let water run after the plumber left (this did not occur while he was here), to get any air out of the system but the noise persists. I've put in a call to the same plumber for this reason and will have to wait for his reply. In the meantime, I intend to flush out any air in the system by turning on all taps in the house and while the water is running, shutting the main valve and when the water has drained out of the system, turning on the main valve and then shutting off all taps. I'm hoping air pockets will be pushed out of the system. Am I on the right track or up the wrong tree? This all assuming air in the system is causing this noise.

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