Reduction of WET Waste Drain????
Posted by cris on July 10, 19100 at 14:52:04:
I'm confused...I ran 4" pvc from floor in basement straight up to floor level on a two story home (thus 4" X 15 feet up) ...attached a 4 to 3" reducer (to avoid shimming out the wall, then a 3" sanitary tee (for the toilet) then 3" from there up and out the roof...On the other end of the house there is a short 4" cast iron from the floor which receives a 3" line from the 1/2 bath above and said line (3") goes up and out the roof. I was told that one of these DWV lines had to be 4" all the way. Did I reduce the wet waste drain?,,or just the vent above it??? Is this ok?

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