kitchen counter grout
Posted by Saul on July 10, 19100 at 12:57:53:

As part of a kitchen remodel, we had ceramic tile counters installed
in our kitchen. They are 6" tiles with about 1/16" gap (self-spacing).
Due to the shape of the tile, the grout line is about 1/4". The
tilesetter used non-sanded grout. A few weeks after installation,
the grout seemed soft (we could scrape it up with a fingernail),
so we asked for a solution. The tilesetter regrouted using a
different type of non-sanded grout with some additive to make it
harder. He only did the deck, not the backsplash, assuming the
color would be identical. It's not. The grout on the deck is much
harder now, but the color difference is noticeable (both are shades
of white).

We now are not sure whether to regrout the backsplash with the harder
grout, or regrout the deck with the old grout, and make sure it sets
harder (wet it down while drying, etc.). We are reluctant to regrout
the backsplash because we have uneven accent tiles that we fear will
show the old grout (the deck has ridges of old grout showing.)

Any ideas on our best course of action?

Sorry for the long message and thanks in advance for any help.


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