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Posted by Gary Barry on July 10, 19100 at 02:11:47:
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: Our shower valve needs new knobs. It has a round knob with "Mixit" engraved. It is the ON/OFF and volume
: control. Behind it is a lever pointing down which adjusts the mixture. The round knob is held on a
: beveled shaft with a center screw. This shaft is concentric and internal to the mixture shaft. The round knob was
: frozen on the shaft and even after multiple applications of penetrent, I broke the knob prying it off. The lock
: screw on the mixture lever is also frozen and it seems I will have to cut the knob off.
: This screw is behind the lever and close to the tile. The purpose of all this is to disassemble the valve
: for lubrication.

: Is MIxit a brand name and, if so, does it still exist and/or are parts available?
: Thanks,
: Gary

Spelled name wrong. Should be "Mixet"

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