Shower Valve Parts
Posted by Gary D. Barry on July 09, 19100 at 15:31:45:
Our shower valve needs new knobs. It has a round knob with "Mixit" engraved. It is the ON/OFF and volume
control. Behind it is a lever pointing down which adjusts the mixture. The round knob is held on a
beveled shaft with a center screw. This shaft is concentric and internal to the mixture shaft. The round knob was
frozen on the shaft and even after multiple applications of penetrent, I broke the knob prying it off. The lock
screw on the mixture lever is also frozen and it seems I will have to cut the knob off.
This screw is behind the lever and close to the tile. The purpose of all this is to disassemble the valve
for lubrication.

Is MIxit a brand name and, if so, does it still exist and/or are parts available?

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