Re: Teledyne Lars Pool Heater on the blink
Posted by mike Labrie on July 07, 19100 at 19:09:13:
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: : My heater works for a few minutes when first switched on, but then stops. It might restart once or twice for a minute or so but then stays off. It was heating like a champ a few weeks ago, but the pool was out of commission for over a year prior to that. The heater has no outside voltage; it runs off the thermocouple. The pilot stays on. The pool pump is holding 9 p.s.i. The water got low two weeks ago while we were away and its possible that the pump had trouble lifting it from that lower level which might cause the boiler to go off on high temp--but if the high-limit switch is open, why would it run at all?

: The heater uses a millivolt generator to keep the pilot light lighted. The millivolt is generated by the heat of the pilot against the thermocouple. The pump motor uses outside voltage and might have a ground fault interrupter GFI either at the electrical outlet box for the recirculator motor, or at the sub panel, or at the panel in the house. If the GFI senses moisture at the motor connections it will let the motor try to start for a moment or two, but will then disconnect power. It may reset itself after ten minutes to allow the motor to try to restart again. The GFI is doing it's designated job to keep you from getting electrocuted. Now you need to find out what the GFI is sensing. Is the pump motor laboring to start or run? In the event the pump motor needs to get rebuilt, it will draw too many amps of current while it's trying to start, and the GFI will kill it's power. If you don't have GFI protection, but you have a ten or fifteen amp circuit breaker supplying the pump motor, and the motor is trying to draw thirty amps to get staerted, it will trip the breaker as if it were a GFI. But the circuit breaker won't reset itself. If you can restart after a little while wait, you probably have GFI protection, which is sensing a short circuit either in the motor, the wiring, or in a loose ground wire. (The motor IS Grounded, ISN'T IT? )

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