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Posted by Curt on July 07, 19100 at 12:11:57:
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Saw this discussion once before. Someone was piping a double kitchen sink and the code officer was requiring two traps. In general, everyone was quite suprised. It is standard practice to share a trap. Your double lavatory is the same situation, the sinks are just slightly farther apart. My advice (and be forewarned I am not a plumber, but I think they would say the same) is go ahead and share a trap. I can't imagine your sinks can get so far apart in a re-model as to make a difference.

: Current bath set-up is one sink which is 3ft from the main stack. The 4" stack is used for the sink vent. I am considering a double lav and am wondering about vent and drain code rules and considerations. Is a shared trap acceptable? How close or far away can the two lavs be?

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