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Posted by hj on July 07, 19100 at 01:21:44:
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It would not be a good idea, since the brass ferrule is tapered and the rubber coupling could slide off.

: The horizontal 4" lead waste water line from my bathroom is leaking where it connects to the vertical 4" cast iron line the exits that house. About 6-7" back from the lead/cast iron interface there are two 1.5" lead pipes (tub and sink lines ) that connect to the 4" lead pipe. What options do I have to fix this?

: I assume that there is a brass insert at the end of the lead pipe to give it rigidity. Could I cut the lead pipe back 5" or so, reinsert the brass stiffener and using two rubber couplers (one at cast iron pipe female inlet and the other over the freshly cut, stiffened lead pipe end) with a 6" section of PVC put this line back together?

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