Re: Gas water heater pilot keeps going out?
Posted by dick on July 06, 19100 at 10:56:43:
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1. your ac vent is blowing air at or near the pilot light. AC generaly blows harder than heat.
try reversing the vents nearest the heater.

2. your ac is sucking in excess outside air and some of it is being blown out the water heater vent. passing and blowing out the pilot in the process. (this one is admitidly a stretch)

3. Your ac is leaking aiir into the attic or elsewhere and makeup air is being sucked back into the house thru the water heater vent. With ocasional help from stray breezes this is enough to blow out the pilot. This does happen sometimes. and they do make some gadgets to mount on the AC system for make up air.

4. Check the vent pipes in the attic and on the roof. They may have gotten disconnected, moved, raised ,lowered, etc. was any other vent installed along with the ac system? turbo vents or power vents? did they move the furnace vent?
anything close to the water heater vent or up wind from the vent could cause a problem.

: I recently had central Air installed in my home which is a 3 bedroom ranch shortly after this my hot water heater's pilot light kept going out, it was old so I replaced the pilot first that did not help so I replaced the whole water heater with a new one. Well this still did not fix my problem, it doesn't happen every day but it does only occur when the AC is being used (in the winter I have no problems). It does not show any pattern it just happens sometimes every day sometimes once a week sometimes twice a day. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
: Please anybody HELP............
: Thanks
: Frustrated Mike

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