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Your first clue is that it is becoming a common problem in the area. This should raise a big red flag about water quality!!! Have your water tested for PH value. It may be necessary to do this a number of times at several day intervals, to catch variations.
Your water PH should always be higher than 7. If it isn't, raise hell with the water dept.

Acidic water will eat pinholes in copper tubing regardless of grade or type or country of origin. Heavier tubing just takes a little longer.
If the water dept won't treat the water to raise the PH, your choices are to treat the water yourself, or replumb with plastic. (Bill Gates and I prefer PEX)

If acidic water is not the problem, they you've got some bad tubing.

: I have encountered 5 leaks in the Type M copper tube in my home. All of the leaks have occurred in the cold water piping. This piping is 3/4" in diameter. I am on a municipal water system which uses surface water.

: The piping manufacture looked at the pipe and suggested that the water is the problem. He stated that it appears to be cold water pitting, but admits that this is usually seen in areas using well water. He also stated that the piping looks brand new inside and says that 11 yr old pipe should have a protective layer of corrosion inside. The only evidence of a problem from the outside is a very small pinhole leak. Inside is sort of a blister of corrosion. The last piece remove had two leaks and 4 blisters.

: Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this. Additionally, what material should be used when it is replaced. I've considered PEX, CPVC and Type L Copper tube. I should also note that the plumbers I've spoken with seem to believe that this has become a common problem in this area.

: Thanks

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