Sewage ejector lifespan
Posted by Phil on July 05, 19100 at 22:09:01:
I just bought a 10-year old house on foreclosure that has a sewage ejector system with a Zoeller pump in it. After one night of a faulty toilet running water into the ejector basin all night (bad flapper), the pump failed (I'm not sure why). I opened up the basin and pumped it out. I then plugged the old pump in, and it worked again. (I wonder if the float had been caught, although it looks o.k.). I now am left wondering if I should replace my old pump, which seems to be working o.k. now, but for some unknown reason failed me once. Looking at the pump, it seems rusted on the outside (perhaps due to harsh cleaning chemicals that the previous owner used?).

My questions are as follows:

Would you recommend replacing the pump (which appears to be working now) and why?

How long do you expect a pump like this to last on its own (if 10 years is close to the expected lifespan, I should probably replace it now before it fails again). I notice that all the manufacturers only give a one -year warranty.

Are there any tips I can use for the future in terms of what cleaning solutions to use or not use with this type of pump (the Zoeller pump is cast iron)?

Which companies make the best sewage ejector pumps?

Thank you.

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