Power Flush toilet needs four flushes to work?
Posted by Michelle Tefft on July 05, 19100 at 08:47:06:
I wonder if you have any suggestions on this problem.
We recently installed a power flush toilet, made by Universal Rundle it worked for about the first six months. Now it has to be flushed three to four times to get the bowl cleared out. The mechanism is working as it still has the impact or force that it had when installed. We dug outside to make sure everything from the house was running out properly, and then checked the lines inside with a garden hose. We figured if there were a blockage the water would run back instead of forward from the garden hose. Everything seems to check out. We aren't sure what to do at this point. It clearly isn't working and we aren't saving any money flushing so many times. Has anyone else ever purchased on of these toilets? Is there anything we can do to remedy this?

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