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Posted by Size of deposit on July 04, 19100 at 17:07:14:
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: Hi !

: I have a toilet bowl that on one flush everything goes down with a pretty nice whirl and then on the
: following flush nothing seems to go down. This turns out to be pretty annoying, does anyone know
: the answer to this phenomenon.

: Thanks to those who respond. :)

The toilet isn't doing anything to annoy you, Buffster. Give it a good whirl when you are in the middle of your deposit once in a while, especially when it is sizeable. Is this a low flow model or a six gallon tank? Is the flush pressurized or gravity? Is the tank actually full when you flush and get poor results? The gravity flush system flushes poorly when the waste matter caused friction upon the porcelain surfaces, and the weight of the water cannot cause the mass to move. The velocity is equal to the mass and the coefficient of friction and pressure (air pressure combined with water gravitational pressure)

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