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: Hi, I'm building a cabin in the mountains of Colorado and have an electric hot water heater and would like to preheat the water with my wood stove in the winter and a small solar panel in the summer. I have seen plans that have two to three tanks in-line that would cut electric costs dramatically. Any help, links to sites, or even a quick sketch would be greatly appreciated.
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Go to the Mother Earth News page and research your subject. Coils of cold water circulating around the wood stove can get VERY HOT and need a pressure relief valve. Same with solar. Look at the electric water heater and existing hot piping. Are they insulated? Is the insulation broken open? Good insulation at the heater and piping will save you energy costs and are maintenance free. Good insulation means staggered joints and sealed joints. The electric water heater senses when the water is getting cooled, and reheats constantly. It uses two elements to do this efficiently. Mother Earth will recommend insulation

Pray a lot when you enjoy your cabin. Especially pray for we poor sould working on holidays when we should be enjoying cabins Happy Fourth

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