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: I have a bladder water tank. I notice that the pressure is low. What causes loss in pressure and how do I increase it back to normal (40Psi).

Virtual work on the 4th of July. The bladder gets a pinhole in it and cannot continue to separate the pressures and gets whats called waterlogged. Some bladder pressure tanks use nitrogen some use air pressure. In an air system, when the water is being used, pressure comes from the compressed bladder, slowly releasing its pressure against the water surface and the side of the tank, forcing the water out the supply line.When the air differentiaiton valve senses it needs more air, it opens, allowing ambient air to enter. When that happens, it also trips a spring loaded relay to tell the pressure water pump to start sending more water to the tank. That is pushed usually at 20 PSI against the bladder which then starts to be compressed against the air, and reads air pressure (or nitrogen) against the gauge at 40 PSI. If your bladder got waterlogged, you can't fix it because its welded and calibtrated inside the tank. Put some soapy water on the air valve and the gauges and the piping to see if there's a pinhole leak that you are able to repair. Or look to see if there's a source valve that will let you add nitrogen. If you aren't sure of what you are doing, BE VERY CAREFULL and call a Licensed plumber

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